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James Udesky - Author & Musician

James Udesky is universally acknowledged as a soba authority in Tokyo, Japan, which is a rare honor for a foreigner. In 1979, James moved to Japan to learn how to make rice cakes and become a health-food producer. After three years, he was ready to leave, but then came a chance encounter with what he calls "the most incredible noodles" at a little soba house in Tokyo. Something "just connected" with him, and he turned to studying soba. James wrote his first book “The Book of Soba” back in 1988. Udesky is now a thriving musician who currently resides in Wisconsin.

September 13th, 2018

Went to the Angels/White Sox game in Chicago last Sunday, 090918. There were many Japanese fans in...

June 25th, 2018

Two new songs completed! I composed my two new songs "Shohei, Javy, and Altuve" (English title) "...